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Dangers of Homeopathy

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A homeopathic remedy is an alternative method to conventional treatment. Remedies may include physical solutions, such as yoga, or internal solutions, such as a dietary supplement. Typically these remedies do not work effectively and unfortunately, some can be very harmful. A homeopathic dietary supplement may contain an active ingredient that causes the patient to experience adverse effects when consumed. Bear in mind that even though a homeopathic remedy is natural, it does not mean that it is safe to consume.

Rheumatism is a term that is used to describe a medical condition that causes chronic, intermittent pain in joints or connective tissues. For example, Lupus is an autoimmune disease that causes the body to attack healthy tissue, such as the joints. Patients that are suffering from Lupus or any rheumatic disorder are advised to consult with a doctor before attempting any homeopathic remedy.

Known Homeopathic Medicine That is Dangerous

When talking to a healthcare provider, such as a trained physician at Rheumatic Disease Clinic of Houston, let them know of any homeopathic remedies that you are interested in or actively consuming. This will give them a clear view of how to assist you with managing your rheumatic disorder. A doctor may be able to recommend the specific things to avoid while taking certain medications. If you are approached by a loved one about any of the following homeopathic methods, do not partake without consulting your doctor first.

Tripterygium wilfordii or Thunder god vine
Incorrect doses can cause serious side effects
Parts of the plant are highly poisonous
May have an effect on the reproductive system
Long-term use may decrease bone mineral density in women
Upset stomach
Hair loss
Skin rash
Decreases immune system
Cardiovascular issues
Irregular menstrual cycle

Fish Oil
Makes blood clot slowly
May lead to a toxic overdose when combined with a patient’s current medication regimen that consists of extra vitamin A, D, and Omega-3 fatty acids

Special Diets
May cause nutritional deficiency
Altered diet can have adverse effects due to current medications

No substantial evidence has been found proving its effectiveness or usefulness
Needles may not be sterile
Can cause skin infections
Pneumothorax, viral, and bacterial infections have been reported after an acupuncture session

Maintain Conventional Treatments

Treating the progression of a rheumatic disorder early will help to avoid permanent disability and decrease its progression. Avoiding effective treatment for your rheumatic disorder can lead to permanent joint and connective tissue damage. Always speak with your doctor about altering your treatment plan and avoid homeopathic dietary supplements. Many herbal homeopathic medicines have been found to be contaminated or contain a different ingredient than what was advertised.

Conventional treatments are designed to relieve pain, reduce swelling, improve physical function and a patient’s well-being. Those suffering from a rheumatic disorder may benefit from eating a healthy diet, reducing emotional stress, and mindful meditation. For more information about rheumatic diseases and the established conventional treatment plans that work, visit Rheumatic Disease Clinic of Houston today.

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