Foot & Ankle

Foot & Ankle

From the foundation up

Synovium is a fluid like tissue that serves as a lubricant. It is a veneer that coats our joints and makes movement easy. When Rheumatoid arthritis takes hold it disrupts our body’s normal function and causes the synovium to swell. The swelling will put pressure on your tendons, ligaments and joints causing a separation that can become painful and create stress fractures. This can lead to deformities of the bone, calcification, and in some cases, softening of the bone.

Where there are joints - there is connective tissue.

ankle_xrayThe inflammation in the joints affects the surrounding tissue holding the pieces together. The vascular system is most vulnerable near joints since these areas tend to be less fortified to allow movement. This creates an environment where damage to the nerves, blood vessels and tendons are all subject to the pressures of inflammation caused by arthritis.

To see if you might be showing symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis, come by the Rheumatoid Disease Clinic of Houston (RDCH) where one of our specialized doctors can provide you with the care you deserve.