We carry a wide variety of industry leading products from the top manufactures to provide the very best selection. Many of the products require personalized fittings. Come in and have one of our specialists customize the perfect fit for you.


Fast Freeze™ Roll-on

Roll-on Pain Relief

Feel the freeze as you naturally relieve pain. Experience more heat and less mess with the FastFreeze Roll-On applicator. The FastFreeze Roll-On is a potent analgesic with pinpoint control, but it offers you much more than that. Simply unscrew the cap and rub the bottle where the pain is and soon the pain should be gone.


Fast Freeze™ Gel

4 oz. Gel Tube

Rub it on and rub the pain away. The non-greasy gel provides total coverage and acts fast to dull sore areas. It is also perfect for arthritis as well.  When you need long lasting relief from pain, try the hands-on approach with FastFreeze Gel.


Fast Freeze™ Continuous Spray

Spray Relief

While roll-on applications are good for pinpoint control of acute pain, if you want to treat a larger area, or treat more reoccurring pain, FastFreeze Spray is the recommended option. Point and squeeze, and once you have applied the liquid medicine to your sore muscles, simply rub it in.


Fast Freeze™ Gel Tube

Pain Relief Gel

A few of the reasons the gel is better, and why it is used by professionals, is that with the gel you get a more thorough application and better coverage. Additionally, as you rub the gel into the skin the very act of rubbing the sore or aching muscles help you recover quicker.


Bell Horn Body Adhesive

Body Adhesive, Roll-On - 2 Oz.

This is specially designed to help keep supports in place. Ideal for thigh length stockings when garter belt or silicone bands are undesirable. Apply to the area of skin beneath the band of stockings, or the upper armband of arm sleeves. The product washes off with water. It can be used to secure your breast prosthesis, stockings, knee highs, socks, bandages, dresses, hats, turbans, bra straps and costumes in place.


Bell Horn™ Pull-It

Back Brace

Universal Pull-It back brace. Designed to meet the performance needs of athletes. Offers lower back support through its use of rigid panels. This brace is fully-adjustable, light-weight and is made of a breathable mesh material. Helps relieve back pain, weakness and fatigue.


Bell Horn Medical Stockings

Features Bell Horn's "It Stays!"

Medical / Surgical stockings are designed to support men and women with chronic leg fatigue, ankle and foot swellings, and for use post-surgery.


Men's Casual Diabetic Sock

Medium Graduated Compression

Bell-Horn’s Casual Sock for Men provides a medium graduated compression to aid blood circulation with a knit-in top band. Its two-way stretch design provides additional comfort.


Bledsoe Legacy Thruster Arthritis Knee Brace

Introducing the next generation of our popular OA Thruster brace: Legacy Thruster is a smaller, lighter single-upright model that features an improved hinge but maintains the same overall look as before. Unlike the competition, the Bledsoe Legacy Thruster’s hinge is on the affected side of the knee. This design offers relief by pulling the straps to open the joint space vs. pushing against the opposite side of the knee. This design addresses OA conditions only, not associated ligament instability.